Bass Culture: Reggae and beyond. Tune into deep, dubwise vibes from all over the map. Classic roots reggae, super bad soul and funk, crucial Afrobeat, dub from outer space – the musical compass points in many directions. Mick Sleeper has a big record collection, and he wants to share it with you.

Upcoming Specials

August 5: On U Sound

Since the 1980s, producer Adrian Sherwood has been making reggae for the 21st century on his On U Sound label. Tune in for some deep, dubwise, outer space sounds.

September 9: Modern Roots

A selection of modern roots tunes from Europe, which has become a definite wellspring of great reggae over the past decade.

October 7: Santic

Leonard Chin's Santic label gave us some of the most interesting reggae records of the 1970s. Check out a playful, spooky, and dread selection.

Bass Culture on YouTube

Check out the Bass Culture YouTube channel for a top ranking selection of reggae singles from Mick Sleeper's collection. Lots of killer records, including this deadly John Holt tune.