Bass Culture: Reggae and beyond. Tune into deep, dubwise vibes from all over the map. Classic roots reggae, super bad soul and funk, crucial Afrobeat, dub from outer space – the musical compass points in many directions. Mick Sleeper has a big record collection, and he wants to share it with you.

Soon Come

November 17: Rasta-I-Zation

Film maker David Dacosta will be in the studio to discuss his film Rasta-I-Zation, a documentary about the Rastafarian faith, which is often ignorantly and incorrectly reduced to a hairstyle and ganja consumption. Rasta-I-zation is a documentary intent on illuminating the very essence of this misunderstood faith.

December 1: 7" Single Special

Forget your I and I pods – the cornerstone of any serious reggae collection is the mighty 7" single. Revolutionary music at 45 revolutions per minute! Mick will bring a suitcase full of all killer, no filler platters from his record collection.

December 15: Tamoki Wambesi

Roy Cousins' Tamoki Wambesi label has been the home of many solid reggae artists, including Earl Sixteen, Don Carlos, Prince Far I, and Cousins' own band The Royals. Tune in for a crisp and dread selection of Tamoki Wambesi reggae.