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Bass Culture the podcast has come to an end. But don't fret! Bass Culture carries on since Mick Sleeper is back on the airwaves with a new radio program on CJSR 88.5 FM. Check out Bass Culture on Mixcloud for all of the latest episodes. You can also connect on the Bass Culture Facebook page. This site will be only be online for a limited time, so please download any episodes while you still can.

Bass Culture Podcast

Mikey Dread
October 7, 2014

Saturday Night Style - Mikey Dread
Operator's Choice - Mikey Dread
Voice Of Jah - Mikey Dread
Proper Education - Mikey Dread
Love The Dread - Mikey Dread
Robber's Roost - Mikey Dread & The Instigators
African Religion - Edi Fitzroy
Real Long Time - Michael Israel
Nuclear Weapon - Wally Bucker
Mr. DJ - Earl Sixteen
Reggae Gone International - Mikey Dread
Equal Rights - Mikey Dread

A crucial selection of tunes from the Dread at the Controls, Mikey Dread.
"Great selection, Mick! Mikey Dread has always been one of my favourites."
Posted by: Cool Operator
"Some top sounds in this selection. Killer playlist, Mick!"
Posted by: Dr. Feelgood
"Thanks very much for this mix – some Mikey Dread tunes I have never heard before."
Posted by: Sven
"I love the Dread, too! Seriously deep selections, Mick – nice one."
Posted by: James
Bass Culture Podcast

World's Inna Trouble
September 18, 2014

Red Hot - Mikey General
World Order - Richie Spice
Oneness - Tippa Irie
Hit Me With Music - Jah Cure
Politicians - Morgan Heritage
Eight Gangsters - Perfect
They Must Go Down - Turbulence
Serious Time - Luciano
World's Inna Trouble - Alborosie
More Justice And Truth - Pressure
Losing Battle - Aaron Silk
Jah Wrath - Pad Anthony
Dem A Murderer - Natty King
In Da Ghetto - Burro Banton
Peace And Love - Admiral Tibet
People's Choice - Ray Darwin
Terror Dub - Zion Train

Yes, the world's inna trouble. But remember: time hard, music harder, so hit me with music! A stack of modern roots selections inna seven inch style will make things better.
"Yes! I love these modern roots mixes."
Posted by: John
"Great selection. I've been listening to more modern roots thanks to your podcasts."
Posted by: Link
"Cool tunes! And I agree that Ray Darwin should record more!"
Posted by: Richard
Bass Culture Podcast

Some Like It Dread
September 1, 2014

Some Like It Dread - Big Youth
Sing A Song Of Freedom - Freedom Singers
Stop The War - Winston Heywood & The Hombres
This World - King Medious
Children Of Jah - The Chantells
The Message - Neville Martin
Freedom Fighter - Jah Brown
Power Of Jah - Roots Children
Fire Burning - Carl Dawkins
My Homeland - Dave Robinson
Power Struggle - Bunny Wailer
The Rastaman - Joseph Hill
Repatriation - Al Campbell
Marcus Garvey - Heptones
Love Is The Light - Horace Andy

The corner stone of many a reggae collection is the mighty 7" single. I haven't been collecting singles for that long, but I deal with quality not quantity. Some selections without objections, strictly seven inch style.
"Sweet! Need something for my train ride today."
Posted by: William
"Nice selections, Mick."
Posted by: Thomas
"Killer stuff. Love the Horace Andy and Winston Heywood tracks."
Posted by: Yardie
Bass Culture Podcast

By Special Request
June 18, 2014

Not For Sale - Ken Boothe
Vanity - Sugar Minott
The Prophet - Frankie Paul
Walls Of Jericho - Addis Pablo
Pleasures Of The Dance - Mad Professor
Man In The Moon - Lee Perry & The Orb
333 - Prince Jazzbo
We Will Destroy Your Planet - Jahtari Riddim Force
Children Of Jah - Midnite
Many Have Fallen - Mikey General
Confusion On The Land - Cornell Campbell
Lively Up Dub - Wailers
Cold Sweat - The Upsetters

A strictly crucial mix, selected by Bass Culture fans! Reggae fans from around the world let me know what they would like to hear, and the result is a top ranking playlist.

This will be the last Bass Culture podcast for a couple of months. Summer doesn't last long in my corner of the world, so I plan on spending more time in the sun. Watch for a new mix in September.
"Big up, Selecta!"
Posted by: Silvio
"Nice work, Mick."
Posted by: Toby
"Thanks Mick, I really enjoyed listening to this."
Posted by: Andrew
"Great selections – respect to everyone who made such good requests!"
Posted by: Cool Operator
Bass Culture Podcast

May 19, 2014

Money Money - Horace Andy
This World - Leroy Sibbles
Who Do You Think I Am - Milton Henry
Studio Man - The Love Joys
Addis Ababa Dub - Wackies Rhythm Force
March Down Babylon - Chosen Brothers
Wicked Ago Feel It - Sugar Minott
Always Dubbing - Wackies Rhythm Force
Travelling Man - Junior Delahaye
Live And Love - Wayne Jarrett
Home To Africa - Joe Auxumite
Dis Generation - Max Romeo
Satan Dub - Lee Perry

The Bullwackie sound – deep, dread, hypnotic – has captivated reggae fans around the world. Wicked a go feel it when Bullwackie is at the controls!
"Solid, Mick!"
Posted by: Ron
"Great set. A big treat to learn about Bullwackie and The Love Joys."
Posted by: Richard
"Thanks for posting this. Your history lessons are always much appreciated."
Posted by: John
"Superb. I look forward to hearing this Mick."
Posted by: Andrew


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