Roman Stewart

Roman Stewart: A Discography

Songs are listed chronologically. Created with the help of the excellent Roots Knotty Roots. Thanks to Andrew, Benja, Cabezatosh, Curly Locks, Finbar, Fish, Mark Griffiths, JJ, Steve Lindley, MG Hi-Fi, Minidub, Jackie Pablo, Jah Bill, Reggae Oldies, Jeff Shades, Ulli and Vinnie. Please send any additions or corrections to .

Song Year Label Producer
Walking Down The Street 1968 Tennors G Murphy
Changing Times (w/ Dennis Brown) 1972 Move & Groove Derrick Harriott
Never Too Young To Learn 1972 Pantomine Glen Brown
Holy Place 1972 Pantomine Glen Brown
Try Me 1973 Gussie Augustus Clarke
Wolverton Mountain 1973 Treasure Isle Karl Pitterson
Wolverton Mountain 1973 Duke Reid Karl Pitterson
Why 1974 Stamma Keith Hobson
Fire At Your Heel 1974 Sunshot Phil Pratt
Hooray Festival 1974 Playback Pluto Shervington
Peace In The Valley 1974 Santic Leonard Chin
Jean 1974 Santic Leonard Chin
Only Fay 1974 Santic Leonard Chin
Pretty Blue Eyes 1974 Hot Shot Pat Chin
Never Again 1974 Total Sounds E Thompson
Seasons In The Sun 1975 Santic Leonard Chin
Loving Arms 1975 Godfather Roman Stewart
Arab And Israelite (as Roman Scotland) 1975 High School International Enos McCloud
Daughter Like It Hot 1975 Groovemaster Tony Robinson
How Can I Love Someone 1975 Parks Lloyd Parks
I Was Lonely 1975 Santic Leonard Chin
If I Didn't Love You 1975 Santic Leonard Chin
Remember You're Mine 1975 Bombshell Tommy Cowan
Wolverton Mountain 1975 Camel Karl Pitterson
In The Chapel 1975 Morpheus Enos McCloud
Bad Minded People 1975 Jamla A. Bailey & K. Harris
Hit Song (AKA Natty Sing Hit Songs) 1976 Arab Tommy Cowan
My Love 1976 Trenchtown M March
Man Of Dignity 1976 Black Art Enos McLeod
Doing Fine 1977 Aiken T Aiken
Peace In The Valley 1977 Aiken T Aiken
Babylon 1978 Foreward C Smith
Babylon (12" with unknown DJ) 1978 Foreward C Smith
Nattie Groove 1978 Foreward C Smith
Herbalist 1978 Hawkeye C Smith
Feel Good 1978 Forward C Smith
If I Had A Hammer 1978 Rockers Everton Da Silva
Praise Jah 1978 Hungry Town Everton Da Silva
Cassanova 1978 Hungry Town Everton Da Silva
No Peace Until (w/ Barrington Spence) 1978 Hungry Town Everton Da Silva
Live And Learn 1979 Unknown Byron Whitely
Rice And Peas 1979 Thompson Sound Linval Thompson
Rice And Peas (12" w/ Linval Thompson) 1979 Thompson & Koos Linval Thompson
What You Wanna Do 1979 Unknown Linval Thompson
Breaking Up 1979 His Majesty Linval Thompson
Mr. Officer 1979 Strong Like Sampson Unknown
Don't Get Jumpy 1979 GGs Alvin Ranglin
Peace Talk (w/ Ricky Grant) 1979 Corona Byron Whitely
Since You're Gone (12" w/ Trinity) 1979 Greensleeves Trinity
Rice And Peas 1980 Hungry Town Linval Thompson
Why You Acting So 1980 Love Linch Unknown
Baby Come Back (12" w/ Trinity) 1981 Cool Rockers Unknown
Your Arms (12") 1981 Island In The Sun Byron Whitely
Listen To Mommy & Daddy 1982 S & G Unknown
Today 1982 S & G Unknown
Wolverton Mountain 1982 Nura Karl Pitterson
Rain A Fall (w/ The Heptones) 1982 Rudwill D Francis
Lyric Have Fe New (w/ Alton Irie) 1984 Mr. O Unknown
Live And Learn 1984 Carron/Corona Byron Whitely
My Love 1984 Carron/Corona Byron Whitely
Dancing Time (w/ Tinga Stewart) 1985 Carron Byron Whitely
Medley 1988 Park Heights Unknown
So Long 1989 Unknown Unknown
Desperate Lover (w/ Major Mackerel) 1991 Shelley's Unknown
Love And Hate 2000 Digital English Unknown
Wolverton Mountain 2000 Ranking Joe Unknown
Wisdom Of Solomon (10") 2001 Sip A Cup Gussie P
True Colours (10") 2001 Sip A Cup Gussie P
No Peace In The City (10") 2001 Sip A Cup Gussie P
Do Right (10") 2001 Sip A Cup Gussie P
Mount Zion (10") 2001 Sip A Cup Gussie P
I'm Doing Fine 2002 Sir Tommy's Sir Tommy
Mount Zion 2002 Recession Beater Gussie P
Do Right 2002 Recession Beater Gussie P
Cheater 2004 Joe Frasier Lloyd Campbell

Singles from unknown years
An Aim In View   High Note Horace Swaby
Baby Come Back   Rockers (pre) Horace Swaby
Belong To Me   Big Style Keith Hobson
Belong To Me   Stamma Keith Hobson
Christmas Affair   Well Charge Joseph Hoo Kim
Fire At Your Heel (12")   Unknown Phil Pratt
Fortune (as Augustus Thomas)   Sound Crusader Dave Dawkins
Herbalist   Pirate C Smith
Herbalist (12")   Pirate C Smith
Herb Skank   T5 C Smith
How Can I Love Someone   Big Hit! L Parks
I Was Lonely   Keith's L Chin
In The Morning   Soul Beat Unknown (Niney?)
Jailhouse Rock   Hi Power Unknown
Love And Hate   Digital English Digital English
Love Is All I Got   Godfather Roman Stewart
Love Is Here To Get   Juggs Unknown
Loving Arms   Godfather Roman Stewart
Make Them Talk   Shelley's Unknown
Many Rivers To Cross (12")   Asassinator Bongo General Paul Rowe
Merry Go Round (12")   Jones Town Paul Jones
Mount Zion   Recession Beater Unknown
My Heart (w/ Brimstone)   Claypot V Blake
My Lover (12")   Shelley's Carlton Barrett
Mr. Officer (12")   Strong Like Sampson Linval Thompson
No Peace In The City 10"   Sip A Cup Gussie P
Oh Lord   Big Style Keith Hobson
Once Upon A Time (AKA I Was Lonely)   Monica's Bunny Lee
Peace And Love 12"   Express Unknown
Release Your Daughter   Parks Lloyd Parks
Shashamane Land   Recession Beater Unknown
She Is My One & Only (w/ Mikey Jarrett)   Sir Tommy's Unknown
Silhouette   Shelley's Unknown
Spoil Style   Stamma Keith Hobson
Tears On My Pillow   Micron Pete Weston (?)
Wolverton Mountain   Ranking Joe Unknown (Carl Pitterson?)
You Are My Sunshine   Count Shelly Unknown
You Are My Sunshine   Pama Unknown
(You Won't) See Me Again   Morwell Esquire Maurice Wellington

Running Away From Love
In The Morning
Your Arms
You Belong To Me
Money Worries
Running Away From Love
Live And Learn
Do Right
1978 Island In The Sun Byron Whitely

How Can I Love Someone

Hit Song
Love Is Here
Wolverton Mountain
Loving Arms
Doing Fine
I Was Lonely
How Can I Love Someone
Tears On My Pillow
Peace In The Valley


LP Productions

Lloydie Soul

Ruling And Controlling

Next To You
Doing Fine
A True
Ruling And Controlling
Dark End Of The Street
Black Me Black (Motown Medley)
Medley Love Song
Why Must We Fuss
Melancholy Baby



Lloyd Francis


Break Down The Barrier
The Pressure Is On
Jail House Rock
Man In Me
Love Is Amazing
How Can I Love Someone




Wisdom Of Solomon

Shashamane Land
True Colours
Please Jah
Please Jah Dub
Gathering Around
Daughters of Zion
No Peace In The City
No Dub In The City
Do Right
Rice And Peas
Rice And Peas Dub
Mount Zion
Zion Harmony
Wisdom of Solomon


Gussie P

Gussie P

Brother To Brother
(with Tinga Stewart)
Reggae Music Come From Yard
Kissing Time
Save The Children
Inside My Heart
Woman Come On
You Got Me Humming
Hold On Me
Miserable Woman
Lonely Lover
Six In The Mix
Don't Fight Over Me
Strange Things


Break Down The Barrier
(with Tinga Stewart)
Same Folks
Break Down The Barrier
Coodeh (You Kill Your Brother)
We Are Brothers
Love Is Here To Get
Starting All Over Again
Listen Is To Learn
Heabreak Girl

Tracks Hot

Tinga Stewart

Appearances on compilations
Rockers Inna Hungry Town
Rice And Peas
  Hungry Town  
Strong Like Sampson
Rice And Peas
  Jet Star  
Tougher Than Tough
Natty Sing Hit Songs
A Place Called Jamaica
Changing Times
Boat To Progress
Never Too Young To Learn
  Greensleeves / Shanachie  
Rhythm Master Vol. 1
Never Too Young To Learn
  Hot Pot  
Baba Boom: Musically Intensified Festival Songs
Hooray Festival

An Even Harder Shade Of Black
Peace In The Valley

  Pressure Sounds  
Two Time Girl
Listen To Mommy And Daddy
Reggae Girl
While I Was Talking (AKA Walking Down The Street)
Mr. Sea
Tell Me What You Want (w/ Welton Irie)
How Can I Love Someone
Tears On My Pillow
Wolverton Mountain
Hit Song
  Sould Comb  
Life Goes In Circles
Hit Song
  Pressure Sounds