CD: Snapper UK/Secret Records
Produced by Lee Perry and Roger Lomas

01. The Sound Of The Underground
02. Bad Time Disappear
03. Find The Love
04. Revolution
05. On The Streets Again
06. My Girl
07. Holyness
08. I Believe In Miracles
09. Scratch It
10. Starliner
11. Special Request
12. Emperor Haile Selassie Light
13. My Dream Come True
14. One God Open Brain
15. Merlin White Magic Air

Alien Starman was Scratch's follow up to the Grammy Award winning Jamaican ET, and it's arguably a much better album. Scratch cuts out the confusing double tracked vocals and gives much cleaner and restrained performances. British producer Roger Lomas once again sat behind the mixing desk with Scratch.The music more or less follows the blueprint that Scratch created in the 1990s: rambling lyrics with female backing vocals over music that often borders on rock. No, it's not always reggae, but if you have a problem with that, take it up with Scratch!

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