LP: Trojan TRL227
CD: Trojan CDTRL227

01. Introducing Myself
02. Drum Song
03. Grooving
04. All Things Are Possible
05. Show Me That River
06. Time Marches On (In/Out Mix)
07. I Am A Madman
08. The Joker
09. Happy Birthday
10. Sexy Lady
11. Time Marches On

Battle Of Armagideon is full of undercurrents and surprises, and sounds like the reality of Perry's situation at the time: after years of confusion, the Upsetter had something to say again. This album has the mood of a rainy long weekend. In fact, it's an album of moods, ranging from playful to defiant to angry and back again. Unlike other Scratch solo work where the words come out in a crazed rush, here it's mostly calm and deliberate. Perhaps the whole album can be summed up by the epic "I Am A Madman", which has become one of Scratch's signature tunes. It's a slow, menacing song which manages to touch on all of the subjects present in Lee Perry's world: justice, mysticism, sex, revenge, nature. After many listenings, it's clear that Battle Of Armagideon is something special in Scratch's career.

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