Beat Down BabylonBeat Down Babylon - Junior Byles

LP: Dynamic WIZZ5001
LP: Trojan TRL52
CD: Sprint UP3

01. Da Da
02. I've Got A Feeling
03. Don't Know Why
04. Demonstration
05. Coming Home
06. Beat Down Babylon
07. A Place Called Africa
08. Joshua's Desire
09. A Matter Of Time
10. Poor Chubby

Beat Down Babylon is a fantastic album for so many reasons. First of all, it introduced an important new voice to reggae, Junior Byles, whose emotional vocals and dynamic songs are second to none. Second, Perry and Byles shared a special bond that you can hear in almost every note of their work together. Third, Byles was perhaps the best of the new crop of "rebel" singers starting to record in Jamaica at the time as reggae moved into the roots era. Finally, this is simply some of the best reggae ever recorded. Sensitive and melancholy but also lively and playful, Byles creates a unique mood on this album. Highlights include the devastating "I've Got A Feeling", the rebellious "Beat Down Babylon" and the emotional "A Place Called Africa".

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