LP: Black Art TSLP9001
LP: Upsetter
LP: Rhino UK (SRNO 8002)

Original Black Art release:
01. Cloak And Dagger
02. Sharp Razor
03. Hail Stone
04. Musical Transplant
05. Liquid Serenade
06. Side Gate
07. Iron Claw
08. Iron Side
09. Rude Walking
10. Bad Walking
11. Caveman Skank
12. Pe We Special

Rhino UK release:
01. Cloak And Dagger
02. Hail Stone
03. Musical Transplant
04. Liquid Serenade
05. Retail Love
06. Creation
07. Iron Claw
08. Rude Walking
09. Caveman Skank
10. Pe We Special
11. Sunshine Rock
12. Wakey Wakey

Cloak And Dagger was originally released in 1973 (just before the dub era really began), so you can consider this work to be "proto dub": kinky and dark instrumentals with strange samples and vocals thrown in. How strange? "Caveman Skank" begins with a Bible passage being read in Cherokee and also features car crash sound effects later on. Upsetting! Other highlights include "Sharp Razor" and "Rude Walking". Note: The currently available Black Art repress is identical to the original Jamaican Upsetter LP; the initial UK release of Cloak And Dagger on Rhino featured a different track listing. Cloak And Dagger is also available as part of Trojan's Dub Triptych set.

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