LP: Roots RR1
CD: Roots RRCD001

01. Conscious Man
02. Brotherly Love
03. Have A Little Faith
04. Back Biter
05. Cool Down
06. Babylon A Fight Rasta
07. Dread Dreader
08. Play Play
09. Oppression
10. Colour

Conscious Man gathers together the tracks that the talented Jolly Brothers recorded at the Black Ark in 1977. An album wasn't released at the time; we had to wait almost 20 years for this one. Since its 1993 release, this album is often hard to find, seemingly pressed in limited quantities every few years. But it's certainly worth tracking down: this is wonderful music. If this album would have been picked up by Island at the time, no doubt the Jolly Brothers would have been a lot more famous. Highlights include the title track, the terrific "Brotherly Love", and "Babylon A Fight Rasta". Highly recommended.

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