Dub MessengerDub Messenger - Lee "Skratch" Perry

CD: Tassa TASA7002
Produced by Lloyd "Bullwackie" Barnes

01. Defend Yourself
02. The Dubber
03. Miracle Dreams
04. ABC Dubbing
05. Musical Transplant
06. Stop Following Me
07. Come By Me
08. Wackie's Plan
09. Hard Drive
10. Greetings

Sadly, none of the Scratch-Bullwackie collaborations are very good. One only wonders what they might have sounded like if the two producers had hooked up earlier, when Bullwackie was producing his heaviest material. Here, "Skratch" (sic) raps and raves over mediocre digital Bullwackie rhythms. Not too many highlights here; if you really want "the best" Scratch and Bullwackie album, go for Satan Kicked The Bucket.

See also Message From Yard, Satan's Dub and Satan Kicked The Bucket.

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