LP: Trojan TBL125
CD: Trojan CDTBL125

01. Eastwood Rides Again
02. Hit Me
03. Knock On Wood
04. Popcorn
05. Catch This
06. You Are Adorable
07. Capsol
08. Power Pack
09. Dollar In The Teeth
10. Baby Baby
11. Django (Old Man River)
12. Red Hot
13. Salt And Pepper
14. Tight Spot

Eastwood Rides Again is another collection of Upsetters instrumentals released by Trojan in 1970 when everyone was raving for the early reggae sound. It's kind of an odd title for this album, since only a few songs are inspired by westerns; this music is mostly funk and soul inspired, having more in common with James Brown than Clint Eastwood. Highlights include the spooky title track, the funky "Power Pack", and the frantic drum and bass workouts of "Popcorn" and "Red Hot". Note: All of the songs on Eastwood Rides Again were released on the 1995 Trojan collection Scratch The Upsetters Again.

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