CD: Megawave MEGW0242
Produced by John Saxon

01. Disarm
02. Are You Ready?
03. The End Of An American Dream
04. One God Rain
05. So Be It
06. I Will Be There
07. I Am The God of Fire
08. The Lord's Prayer
09. I Am New Yorker
10. Teddy Bear
11. Hallo Jamaica
12. Shazam
13. Memories
14. Vooba Skooba
15. Cats Bats Rats
16. Disco Cats

End Of An American Dream is an unique collaboration between Lee Perry and British musican Steve Marshall. Scratch provides upsetting observations and scat vocals on top of a set of eclectic backing tracks that range from beat box reggae to funk to old school hip hop. Despite the provocative title, there's not a lot of politics on the album, other than Scratch calling for the world to disarm on "Disco Cats" and an Allen Ginsberg-esque anti-American vibe on the title track. While Scratch seems to be sleepwalking his way through certain tracks, on others he's quite lively and certainly Marshall's music is quite different than anything else in Scratch's solo catalog. While not crucial, American Dream is certainly an interesting side street to take a walk down.

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