From The Secret LaboratoryFrom The Secret Laboratory - Lee Perry

LP: Mango MLPS1035
CD: Mango PHCR4733
Produced by Adrian Sherwood, Lee Perry and Style Scott

01. Secret Laboratory (Scientific Dancehall)
02. Inspector Gadget
03. (I Got The) Groove
04. Vibrate On
05. African Hitchiker
06. You Thought I Was Dead
07. Too Much Money
08. Push Push
09. African Headcharge In The Hackney Empire
10. Party Time
11. Seven Devils Dead

Serious Lee Perry fans will debate between Secret Laboratory and Time Boom X De Devil Dead as Scratch's best solo album. Personally, I enjoy Secret Laboratory more. Working with kindred spirit Adrian Sherwood on production, it's an inspired collaboration and definitely one of the "must have" albums in a collection of Scratch's post-Black Ark material. The rocking "Secret Laboratory" sets the mood for the rest of the album: playful and fascinating lyrics on top of heavy Dub Syndicate rhythms. The CD reissue of the album contains two bonus tracks: "Too Much Money" and "Party Time".

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