History Mystery Prophecy
Blackboard JungleHistory Mystery Prophecy - Lee Perry

LP: Mango MLPS 9774
LP: Lion Of Judah LP1
CD: Island 539 774-2

1. Mr. Music
2. The Ganja Man
3. Nice Time
4. Tiger Lion
5. Funky Joe
6. Heads Of Government
7. Daniel
8. Bed Jamming

History, Mystery, Prophecy is one of the weaker Lee Perry solo albums. Recorded at a time when Scratch had a long-standing grudge with Island Records, the album suffers from watered down synth pop arrangements and sounds very dated, even embarrassing at times. However, the album is saved by a few good songs: "Mr. Music", an enjoyable pop reggae groove, "Daniel", and the hilarious, X-rated "Bed Jamming".

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