Jamaican ETJamaican ET - Lee Perry

CD: Trojan TJZCD002
Produced by Lee Perry and Roger Lomas

01. 10 Commandments
02. I'll Take You There
03. Message From The Black Ark Studios
04. Holyness, Righteousness, Light
05. Babylon Rock
06. Mr. Dino Koosh Rock
07. Hip Hop Reggae
08. Evil Brain Rejector
09. Jah Rastafari, Jungle Safari
10. Love Sunshine, Blue Sky
11. Clear The Way
12. Congratulations
13. Shocks Of Mighty
14. Jamaican ET
15. Telepathic Jah Ah Rize

Jamaican ET won the Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album in 2003, certainly one of the most upsetting things Lee Perry has accomplished. I'm sure the average Sizzla fan must have been confused! Say what you like about Scratch's modern solo work; the idea that he's still determined to create music like this after all these years deserves your respect. Jamaican ET marks the first time Scratch has sat in the producer's chair for more than a decade, sharing production credits with English producer Roger Lomas (best known for his work with The Selecter and other 2-Tone bands). Some solid musical accompaniment from members of The Selecter is a plus, a welcome change from Mad Professor's Robotiks band. All of these positive points aside, however, Jamaican ET will leave you shaking your head. Scratch's double and sometimes triple tracked vocals make for bewildering listening, and even though this shows that his urge to experiment is still strong, it can't be described as anything but confusing. Upsetting? Yes. Easy listening? No.

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