Kung Fu Meets The DragonKung Fu Meets The Dragon - The Mighty Upsetter

CD: Justice League JLCD5000

Original DIP LP (1975):
01. Theme From Hong Kong
02. Heart Of The Dragon
03. Hold Them Kung Fu
04. Flames Of The Dragon
05. Scorching Iron
06. Skango
07. Fung Gaa
08. Black Belt
09. Iron Fist
10. Kung Fu Man

Justice League CD (1995):
01. Enter The Dragon
02. Theme From Hong Kong
03. Heart Of The Dragon
04. Hold Them Kung Fu
05. Flames Of The Dragon
06. Scorching Iron
07. Black Belt Jones
08. Skango
09. Fung Gaa
10. Black Belt
11. Iron Fist
12. Kung Fu Man
13. Exit The Dragon
14. Rockstone Dub
15. The Dragon Enters
16. 23rd Dub
17. Rebels Dub

Kung Fu Meets The Dragon is a wild album of scorching Upsetters instrumentals inspired by Bruce Lee movies. The Upsetters are joined by melodica ace Augustus Pablo and Jamaican guitar hero Earl "Chinna" Smith here, delivering a great vibe. Highlights include "Enter The Dragon", "Black Belt Jones" (a version of The Versatiles' "Cutting Razor") and the insane "Flames Of The Dragon". The Justice League CD reissue features a different track listing as well as seven bonus tracks; while the bonus tracks are a plus, sound quality isn't the greatest. This is the first album in a mid-70s Upsetters trilogy that includes Musical Bones and Return Of Wax. One of my personal favorites, and highly recommended.

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