Lord God MuzickLord God Muzick - Lee Perry

CD: Heartbeat CDHB65
Produced by Lee Perry and Niney The Observer

01. Free Us
02. Colt The Game
03. Lightning And Thunderflash
04. Air Manifestation
05. Angel Gabriel And The Space Boots
06. Lee The Upsetter
07. Happy Birthday Marcus
08. Hot Shit
09. Supersonic Man
10. Reggae Emperor
11. Collie Ruler
12. Lee In The Heartbeat

"With a wave of his magical rod of correction, Lee Perry of the Space Police is off again on his journey through myths and minds," read the sleeve notes on this 1991 album. A fine description: Lord God Muzick contains some of Scratch's best post-Black Ark work. Working with his old buddy Niney The Observer, Scratch dishes out fast and furious lyrics but also manages to rein in his zany "word salads" and double-tracked vocals that make so many of his other solo albums so confusing. The music is a appealing mix of digital and older rhythms from Niney's vaults, a welcome change from other Scratch albums from this period. Clearly Scratch and Niney had a lot of fun making this album.

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