LP: Upsetter SECO24
LP: Economy SECO24
CD: Jet Star PTCD1026

01. X Ray Vision - The Upsetters
02. Can't Take It Anymore - David Isaacs
03. Soul Stew - The Upsetters
04. Low Lights - The Upsetters
05. Cloud Nine - Carl Dawkins
06. Beware Fade - The Upsetters
07. Serious Joke - The Upsetters
08. Goosy - Pat Satchmo
09. Prove It - The Upsetters
10. Boss Society - Pat Satchmo
11. Mean And Dangerous - The Upsetters
12. Games People Play - The Upsetters
13. Extra - The Upsetters

Many Moods Of The Upsetters is a great collection of rare Upsetters grooves with a few vocal tracks thrown in. It was originally released in Jamaica on Upsetter, then in England on the Economy label and then again on Pama as The Best Of Lee Perry & The Upsetters Vol. 2. Highlights include Carl Dawkins' groovy "Cloud Nine", the skanking "Soul Stew ", and the wonderful "Games People Play" which features steel drums for an irie calypso sound. Another highlight of this LP are the hilarious photos on the front cover, especially "greeting mood" and "invisible mood".

See also The Best Of Lee Perry & The Upsetters Vol. 2.

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