CD: Rohit RRTG 7773
Produced by Lee Perry & Lloyd "Bullwackie" Barnes

01. Death To Anyone Who Fight (Perry In Space)
02. I Want A Meekie Girl
03. One God In Space
04. Rasta Emotions
05. Come By Me
06. The Joker
07. Money Me A Deal With
08. Message From Yard
09. Magic Dreams
10. Free Up The Rasta Man

Sadly, none of the Scratch-Bullwackie collaborations are very good. One only wonders what they might have sounded like if the two producers had hooked up earlier, when Bullwackie was producing his heaviest material. Message From Yard is a strange, terrible and obscure album cut in the US, presumably during the same sessions that produced Satan Kicked The Bucket, as the same Bullwackie rhythms are used. Overall, the only good thing about this album is the shot of Scratch on the front cover with a video camera!

See also The Dub Messenger, Satan's Dub and Satan KickedThe Bucket.

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