LP: Heartbeat HB6
CD: Heartbeat CDHB06

1. Holy Moses
2. God Bless Pickney
3. Radication Squad
4. Mystic Miracle Star
5. Chalice A Fire
6. Pussy I Cocky I Water
7. Music Breeze

Mystic Miracle Star is an overlooked album that really got Scratch back into action following the demise of the Black Ark. While it's not a great album, it does represent a kind of blueprint for Scratch's work for the rest of the decade, and contains some very strong material. Backed by a tight reggae band from New York, the album was mostly conceived in the studio, which results in a definite jam session vibe to most of the songs. "Holy Moses" sets the mood for the album, a rocking number where Scratch calls on Moses to "send us another leader". Then there is the deadly 13 minute long "Radication Squad", where Scratch forms a posse to "wipe out all the bad". If you're looking for a solid album that bridges the gap between the Black Ark and the modern stream-of-consciousness rants, Mystic Miracle Star is the ticket.

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