LP: Black Wax WAXLP1
LP: Clocktower CT103

01. Dreadlocks Corner
02. Story Come To Bump
03. Natty Pass Thru Rome
04. Hold My Hand
05. Prophet Live
06. Ital Corner
07. Bloody Dunza
08. Weepin' And Wailin'
09. Live Good Today
10. Life Is Gonna Easy

The Prince lights up a big spliff and toasts over some classic Black Ark rhythms. Along with Jah Lion's Columbia Colly, Natty Passing Thru is the only album of Black Ark DJ tracks. Originally released as a Black Wax LP, it was also released on Clocktower with an altered track listing and a different title (Ital Corner). Highlights include "Weeping And Wailing" ("there shall be weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth, and who have no teeth, the gums a feel it, ya"), "Dreadlocks Corner", and the title track, delivered over Max Romeo's "One Step Forward".

See also Ital Corner.

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