CD: Trojan CDTRL348
Produced by Lee Perry

01. Lee "Scratch" Perry On The Wire
02. Exodus
03. For Whom The Bell Tolls
04. The Grim Reaper
05. Yes My Friends
06. Rock My Soul
07. Seaside (Mystic Mirror)
08. I Am The Upsetter
09. Keep On Moving
10. Burn Funky

On The Wire was recorded as a sequel to Battle Of Armagideon, but after Trojan got on his nerves, the Upsetter decided to upset and tossed the master tapes into the twilight zone for more than a decade. In 1999, the tapes "mysteriously" showed up at Trojan, and On The Wire was finally released. The music is much wilder and varied than Battle Of Armagideon and features many of the baffling touches that have been a hallmark of Scratch's work since then. There are some loose and anarchic covers of Bob Marley's "Exodus" and "Duppy Conqueror" (as "Yes My Friends") as well as a couple of uncredited Adrian Sherwood productions ("On The Wire" and the hard rocking "Grim Reaper"). While certainly not as essential listening as Battle Of Armagideon and other Scratch albums from the period, On The Wire is an interesting missing link in Scratch's career.

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