CD: Jet Star CRCD67

01. Bag Of Collie - Dillinger
02. Down Here In Babylon - Brent Dowe
03. Dyon Anaswa - Full Experience
04. Return Of The Super Ape - Lee Perry
05. Tell Me Something Good - Upsetters
06. Bird In Hand - Sam Carty
07. Crab Yars - Upsetters
08. Shoulder To The Wheel - Upsetters
09. Jah Jah Ah Natty Dread - Lee Perry
10. Psyche And Trim - Lee Perry
11. The Lion - Upsetters
12. Earth A Go Wheel - Flying Sensation
13. Huzza A Hana - Lee Perry
14. High Ranking Sammy - Lee Perry
15. Weak Heart A Go Feel It - Shaumark & Robinson

Original Super Ape is a somewhat clumsy CD re-issue of the original Return Of The Super Ape LP with several bonus tracks. I say "clumsy" since the bonus tracks are inserted into the original track listing instead of coming at the end of the album, thus spoiling the flow and mood of the original. The bonus tracks are well chosen, however: The Upsetters' "Shoulder To The Wheel", Shaumark & Robinson's "Weak Heart A Go Feel It", Flying Sensation's "Earth A Go Wheel", and Brent Dowe's magnificent "Down Here In Babylon" all have the same vibe as the original album. The only misplaced tune is Dillinger's rocking "Bag Of Collie" - while it's a nice track, it really doesn't belong with this set of songs, and certainly shouldn't kick off the album. So do what I did: rip the CD and create a new copy that puts the bonus tracks at the end!

See also Return Of The Super Ape.

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