CD: Damp Music DM-012
CD: Narnack
Produced by P. Brunkow & DJ Startrek

01. Rastafari
02. Purity Rock
03. Pussy Man
04. Fight To The Finish
05. Voodoo
06. Panic In Babylon
07. Perry's Ballad
08. I Am A Psychiatrist
09. Inspector Gadget 2004
10. Are You Coming Home?
11. Baby Krishna
12. Greetings
13. Devil Dead (Live)

Panic In Babylon is a great album. In 2004, Scratch teamed up with a new crew of Swiss musicans called the White Belly Rats, and the collaboration is a definite move in a new direction. The new band is certainly a breath of fresh air musically, and overall Scratch is sounding very good. There is only one weak track on the album, the ridiculous "Pussy Man": it is simply embarrassing to listen to a man who is close to 70 years old singing about his penis. Otherwise, Panic In Babylon is a tight album featuring crisp production from Brunkow and Startrek, excellent backing by the White Belly Rats, and the focused performances by Scratch are a welcome surprise. If this is the sound Scratch is going for in the future, long may he rave! The album was later released in the US on Narnack Records, with a bonus CD of remixes.

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