LP: Black Star Liner BSLP9002

1. Bed Jammin'
2. Untitled Rhythm
3. Give Thankx To Jah
4. Easy Knocking
5. Who Killed The Chicken
6. Babylon Cookie Jar A Crumble
7. Some Have Fe Halla

For a brief period as the Black Ark was becoming unglued, Scratch changed his name to Pipecock Jackxon. With some help from a Dutch record label, Black Star Liner, Scratch attempted to resurrect the Black Ark with bizarre results (including a pond in the drum booth). One of the results of the ill-fated Dutch intervention was The Return Of Pipecock Jackxon, a strangely enjoyable album recorded both at the Black Ark and a studio in Holland. It is the last album to feature the sound of the Black Ark, and although much more loosely structured than either of these albums, it is reminiscent of late Black Ark works such as Roast Fish Collie Weed And Corn Bread as well as Return Of The Super Ape. In fact, some of the tracks are actually out-takes from the Roast Fish sessions. Hard to find, but worth seeking out for historical reasons, as it is a fascinating snapshot of the end of an era.

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