Revolution DubRevolution DubRevolution DubRevolution Dub - The Upsetters

LP: Cactus CTLP112
LP: Lagoon LG1083
LP: Anachron TSLP9006
CD: Rhino UK RN2120
CD: Orange Street CDDUB2

1. Revolution Dub
2. Woman's Dub
3. Kojak
4. Doctor On The Go
5. Bush Weed
6. Dreadlock Talking
7. Own Man
8. Dub The Rhythm
9. Rain Drops

Revolution Dub is a minor classic, featuring some of the first rhythms recorded at the Black Ark and a loose, experimental feel. Scratch throws in crazy vocals and samples from TV shows, a technique which is a bit distracting at times. Highlights include the startling "Revolution Dub", the spacious "Woman's Dub" and the eerie "Bush Weed". Take note that Revolution Dub has been in print on LP and CD in various forms over the years and so depending on which release you find, quality will vary. Perhaps the best option is Trojan's Dub Triptych collection, which contains Revolution Dub along with Cloak And Dagger and Blackboard Jungle.

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