LP: Wackies 2740
CD: Rohit
Produced by Lee Perry & Lloyd "Bullwackie" Barnes

01. Bank To Bank
02. Once I Had A Dream
03. Sweet Dreams
04. It's Alright
05. Ooh La La
06. Keep On Moving
07. Satan Kicked The Bucket
08. Bat Bat
09. One Horse Race
10. Day Should Turn To Night

Sadly, none of the Scratch-Bullwackie collaborations are very good. One only wonders what they might have sounded like if the two prodcuers had hooked up earlier, when Bullwackie was producing his heaviest material. Despite the compelling title, Satan Kicked The Bucket is a weird and very mediocre album. While nothing to get excited about, it has some pretty good tracks, including Upsetting re-workings of Bob Marley's "Keep On Moving" and "It's Alright".

See also The Dub Messenger, Message From Yard, and Satan's Dub.

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