Silver BulletsSilver Bullets - The Silvertones

LP: Trojan CDTRL69
LP: Black Art
CD: Trojan

01. I'll Take You Home
02. Early In The Morning
03. Sugar Sugar
04. Souvenir Of Mexico
05. Rejoice Jah Jah Children
06. Rejoicing Skank
07. That's When It Hurts
08. Soul Sister
09. Rock Me In Your Soul
10. Sweet And Loving Baby
11. He'll Break Your Heart
12. Are You Sure?

The Silvertones cut some very nice songs with Perry in the late 60s and early 70s, and Silver Bullets gathers them together. For the most part, these are laid back, funky love songs, with the exception of the positively eerie "Rejoice Jah Jah Children" and its dub version. Highlights include "Soul Sister", "Rejoice" and "Rock Me In Your Soul". Note: The Jamaican Black Art pressing of Silver Bullets features a completely different mix than the Trojan release.

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