LP: Maroon TTL65
LP: Upsetter TTL65A

01. Keep On Moving
02. Don't Rock My Boat
03. Put It On
04. Fussing And Fighting
05. Duppy Conqueror V4
06. Memphis
07. Riding High
08. Kaya
09. African Herbsman
10. Stand Alone
11. Sun Is Shining
12. Brain Washing

Soul Revolution was The Wailers' second album for Perry, originally released in a very limited edition on the Jamaican Maroon label. All of these terrific songs sound rough around the edges here, occasionally including mistakes in the vocals and sometimes ending in the middle of a verse suddenly, giving them a spontaneous, demo quality. Most listeners will be put off by Perry's unusual mix of the music - vocals in the right channel, rhythms in the left - but that's the way it was originally released (other compilations of this material have a "straight" mix). Some of the signature tunes of the Marley-Perry partnership are here, including "Duppy Conqueror", "Kaya", and "Mr. Brown."

See also Soul Revolution Part 2 and Soul Revolution Parts 1 & 2.

An important note about the Lee Perry produced Wailers material

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