CD: Trojan CDTRL446
Produced by Lee Perry & Niney The Observer

01. Deliver Us From Criminals
02. Chase Dem Down With Garlic
03. Set My People Free
04. Try Again
05. Station Underground Report
06. High Grade
07. De Programme
08. Introducting The Upsetter
09. Phrase of Mystic Powers
10. Come Down
11. Reggae Crossover
12. Chanting
13. Straight To Enzo
14. The Winner

This album is a weird re-hash of the Heartbeat album Lord God Muzick, with new vocals thrown on top by Scratch and Niney 10 years later. It's mostly a waste of time compared to the original album, which is quite enjoyable. It contains two new tracks that use Black Ark rhythms, but the rest of the tracks are just Lord God Muzick with strange additions. Interestingly, it contains a song called "Straight To Enzo" (complete with a vulgar yet funny intro by Niney) aimed at notorious reggae bootlegger Enzo Hamilton, who has released more than his share of bogus reggae collections.

See also Lord God Muzick.

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