Super EightSuper Eight - George Faith

LP: Black Art ILPS9504
CD: Trojan / Spectrum SPECORIG1015

1. I've Got The Groove
2. Opportunity
3. The Hand Of Time
4. There's A Train
5. Midnight Hour
6. To Be A Lover
7. Diana
8. So Fine

Super Eight was the original Jamaican release of George Faith's more famous Island album To Be A Lover, featuring a superior track order. With backing vocals by The Meditations and The Diamonds, this is perhaps Lee Perry's smoothest production, a real polished gem. George Faith is a first rate crooner, even if some of his choices for covers border on cheesy. Highlights include the impassioned "I've Got The Groove" and the aching "To Be A Lover", a cover of William Bell's soul classic "I Forgot To Be Your Lover". Since the original LP can be hard to find, the 2012 re-release on CD is a welcome option.

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