CD: Ariwa AREMCD001
Produced by Lee Perry & Mad Professor

01. Techno Party
02. Armageddon War
03. No Dreads
04. This Old Man
05. My Name Is!!!
06. Black Buster
07. Mr. Herbsman
08. Papa Rapa
09. Having A Party
10. Crooks In The Business
11. Come In
12. Daddy Puff
13. Earthquake Rock Dub
14. Perry In The Ghetto Dub
15. Working In The Jungle

If you're a fan of Perry's wild and wacky work with Mad Professor, this album will not disappoint; if you're not, Techno Party is a very good place to start. All things considered, this is one of the best Scratch-Mad Professor albums. Scratch sounds a lot more laid back and coherent than he does on other Mad Professor sessions, and the Professor provides plenty of nice, smoky, dubbed out rhythms for Scratch to work with.

See also Techno Dub.

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