Produced by Deiter Meier, X-Perrymental, & Martin Kloiber

01. Maxi Merlin
02. UFO Attack (Ambient Version)
03. Techologically
04. LSD - LSP (Flute Mix)
05. Unicorn
06. X-Perry Ment
07. LSD - LSP (Hard Trance Mix)
08. UFO Attack (Instrumental)
09. Maxi Merlin (Radio Version)
10. X-Perry Ment (Radio Version)
11. Crazy House

"I'm making future music for future children," says Lee Perry in the sleeve notes to this strange collaboration between Scratch and some Swiss techno musicians. Be that as it may, Technomajikal is a dismal album. Apparently the music that was originally recorded by Scratch and friends during these sessions (using the group name X-Perrymental) never saw the light of day, and Technomajikal is a bastardized release of them. It's a bizarre techno album that has a couple of neat grooves up its sleeve, but becomes unlistenable pretty quickly. For the very curious only.

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