Time Boom X De Devil DeadTime Boom X De Devil Dead - Lee Perry & Dub Syndicate

LP: On U Sound ON-ULP43
CD: On U Sound ON-UCD43
Produced by Lee Perry & Adrian Sherwood

01. S.D.I.
02. Blinkers
03. Jungle
04. De Devil Dead
05. Music And Science Lovers
06. Kiss The Champion
07. Allergic To Lies
08. Time Conquer
09. Jungle (7" mix)
10. Jungle (Wall Of China mix)
11. Night Train

Time Boom X De Devil Dead is an amazing album: dark, menacing, spacious, and moody – almost like a 22nd century version of Return Of The Super Ape. It's hard to choose which is Scratch's better collaboration with Adrian Sherwood, Time Boom or From The Secret Laboratory, but whichever one you prefer, this is definitely some of Scratch's best work since the Black Ark. As David Katz writes, Time Boom is "the result of a strong combination between two independent thinkers with keen ears, fast hands, and plenty of ideas". After hearing this album, its a shame that the Perry-Sherwood collaboration didn't last longer. The CD issue contains a few bonus tracks: two additional mixes of "Jungle" and the Dub Syndicate track "Night Train" with a brief vocal by Scratch. Highly recommended.

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