CD: Rohit/Lagoon LGCD 1007

01. Run For Cover
02. Run For Cover Version
03. Something You Got
04. Something You Got Version
05. Set Them Free
06. Wind Up Doll
07. Wind Up Doll Version
08. Labrish
09. You Funny
10. You Funny Version
11. Django Shoots First
12. People Weird
13. People Weird Version
14. Water Pump
15. Water Pump Version
16. Clint Eastwood Rides Again
17. Set Me Free
18. The Night Doctor
19. Rude Walking
20. Iron Claw
21. News Flash

All The Hits is a semi-bogus collection of early Scratch vocals with their respective versions. The story behind this one is that apparently Bunny Lee "stole" these tracks and licensed them to the dubious Lagoon label. This made Scratch so vex that the song "Colt The Game" on Lord God Muzick was aimed at Bunny a la "People Funny Boy". Despite this funny business, this is a decent collection of early and obscure Scratch tracks; too bad it has to be on a rotten label. Also released as News Flash by the equally crummy Esoldun in 1991.

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