CD: Rialto RMCD 226

01. (I Am) The Upsetter
02. You Crummy
03. Rub And Squeeze
04. Stay Dread
05. Justice To The People (Verse 2)
06. Set Them Free
07. City Too Hot
08. Cow Thief Skank
09. Soul Man
10. Doctor Dick
11. Kentucky Skank
12. Shocks Of Mighty (with Bob Marley)
13. People Funny Boy
14. Bionic Rats
15. What A Good Woodman
16. Bathroom Skank
17. Kill Them All
18. What A Botheration

Archive is a great and very eclectic retrospective of Scratch's work, spanning from the ska era ("What A Good Woodman") through the upsetting years ("People Funny Boy") to the Black Ark era ("City Too Hot"). The only complaint is that the tracks are not presented in chronological order and the sleeve art is terrible.

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