LP: Trojan TBL167
CD: Trojan CDTBL167
Produced by Lee Perry and Bunny Lee

01. Battle Axe - The Upsetters
02. A Place Called Africa - Junior Byles
03. Cheerio - The Upsetters
04. Picture On The Wall - Ras Darkins
05. Cool Operator - Delroy Wilson
06. Knock Three Times - The Upsetters
07. Pop A Pop - Andy Capp
08. Earthquake - The Upsetters
09. Don't Cross The Nation - Mark & Luke
10. Dark Moon - The Upsetters
11. Rough And Smooth - The Upsetters
12. Groove Me - The Upsetters
13. Easy Snapping - The Upsetters
14. I'm Yours - Delroy Wilson

Battle Axe is a pretty strange collection. First of all, some of the tracks are actually produced by Bunny Lee, such as Delroy Wilson's "Cool Operator" and "Cheerio" (the rhythm track to Eric Donaldson's "Cherry Oh Baby"). For some reason, "Cool Operator" fades out after a little more than minute in length. Even without these oddities, the album has a really "thrown together" feel, and the choice of material ranges from excellent ("A Place Called Africa") to rather lame ("Knock Three Times"). Probably compiled on a Friday afternoon!

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