CD: Trojan CDTRL253

01. (Festival) Da Da
02. I've Got A Feeling
03. Don't Know Why
04. Demonstration
05. Coming Home
06. Beat Down Babylon
07. A Place Called Africa
08. Joshua's Desire
09. A Matter Of Time
10. Poor Chubby
11. Fun And Games / Motion Dub
12. Pretty Fe True / Pretty Dub
13. King Of Babylon
14. Pharoah Hiding
15. Hail To Power
16. Fever
17. Auntie Lulu
18. When Will Better Come
19. The Thanks We Get
20. Mumbling And Grumbling
21. Curly Locks
22. Dreader Locks
23. The Long Way

It's a tough choice between Beat Down Babylon and Heartbeat's Curly Locks anthology, but this Trojan collection contains some obscure tunes that Curly Locks doesn't - so get them both! Beat Down Babylon: The Upsetter Years contains all of the 1972 Beat Down Babylon LP as well as 13 other Lee Perry productions recorded during the same period. Well known Byles classics such as "A Place Called Africa", "Beat Down Babylon" and "Curly Locks" sit beside lesser known but crucial songs like "I've Got A Feeling", "Coming Home" and "Pharoah Hiding". Not only is this a fantastic collection of one of the greatest artists in Perry's stable, this is simply some of the finest reggae ever recorded.

See also Curly Locks: The Best Of Junior Byles & The Upsetters.

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