CD: Justice League JLCD5005

01. Jump It - Leo Graham
02. Life Is A Flower - Sam Carty
03. Have Some Fun - The Imposters
04. Cane River Rock - Dillinger
05. I Don't Mind - Sam Carty
06. Jamaican Theme - The Upsetters
07. Nature Man - The Imposters
08. Vampire Horns - The Upsetters
09. Time - The Gladiators
10. Dub In Time - The Upsetters
11. Stand Up - Eric Donaldson
12. Dub Fe You Right - The Upsetters
13. Down Here In Babylon - Brent Dowe
14. If The Cap Fits - The Upsetters
15. Perception - Divine Brothers
16. Perceptive Dub - The Upsetters

Black Arkives is a great collection of Lee Perry productions including some early Black Ark tracks. This collection is more or less based on the 1975 DIP collection DIP Presents The Upsetter; this Justice League CD issue contains eight of the songs from that album. The music ranges from the sublime to the ridiculous - mostly sublime, however! The two ridiculous tunes come from Sam Carty, whose "Nature Man" and "I Don't Mind" make him sound like a Jamaican Tiny Tim. Most of this music is very esoteric, and even if it's not all crucial, the sheer obscurity of it makes for interesting listening. Highlights include the explosive "Vampire Horns", Eric Donaldson's amazing "Stand Up", and an alternate take of Brent Dowe's devastating "Down Here In Babylon".

See also DIP Presents The Upsetter.

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