CD: Motion FASTCD006

01. Goosey Version - The Upsetters
02. Roll On - Roland Alphanso & The Upsetters
03. Prove It Version - Gladdy, Val & The Upsetters
04. All Combine Parts 1 & 2 - The Upsetters
05. Sign Of The Times - The Upsetters
06. Lady Lady - Cynty & The Monkees
07. Enter The Dragon - The Upsetters
08. Good Things - Prince Jazzbo
09. Ungrateful Set - The Versatiles
10. Ungrateful Skank - The Upsetters
11. Do It Baby - Susan Cadogan
12. Back Wey - Dreadlocks Faye
13. Faye Dreadlocks - The Upsetters
14. I Man Stand Still - Jimmy Riley
15. Conqueror - Stranger & Gladdy
16. Bring It On Home - The Silvertones
17. Bury The Razor - Lee Perry
18. Cheat Weston Head - The Upsetters
19. Life Is A Funny Thing - The Ethiopians
20. Prophecy - The Ethiopians
21. Feel All Right - The Silvertones
22. Lady Lady (alternate version) - Cynty & The Monkees

Born In The Sky is great collection of late 60s rockers and some early Black Ark tracks. None of these songs have been anthologized before - and how many collections can boast that fact? While this is a compilation for hardcore collectors, the choice of material makes it enjoyable for newbies as well. Highlights include the jumping sax work of Roland Alphanso on "Goosey Version" and "Roll On", the feminist skank of "Dreadlocks Faye" and especially Scratch's quiet yet devastating "Bury The Razor". An excellent choice of material by David Katz, whose annotated sleeve notes make Born In The Sky a must have for serious fans.

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