LP: Trojan PERRY3
CD: Trojan CDPRY3

Note: The track listing on the CD is inaccurate (taken from the original vinyl issue, it forgets that CD tracks are numbered!)

Disc 1:
01. My Little Sandra - Leo Graham
02. Dubbing Sandra - The Upsetters
03. Feelings - Sharon Isaacs
04. Feelings Version - The Upsetters
05. Long Long Time - Winston Heywood
06. Long Time Dub - Upsetters
07. A Wah Dat - Junior Dread
08. Dub Dat - The Upsetters
09. White Belly Rat - Lee Perry
10. Judas De White Belly Rat - Upsetters
11. White Belly Rat - Jah Lloyd
12. Freedom Street - Eric Donaldson
13. Freedom Dub - Upsetters
14. Peace And Love - Shaumark & Robinson
15. Peace And Dub - The Upsetters
16. Land Of Love - Sons of Light
17. Land Of Dub - The Upsetters

Disc 2:
01. Think So (AKA Much Smarter) - The Meditations
02. Dub So - The Upsetters
03. Cross Over - Junior Murvin
04. Cross Over Dub - The Upsetters
05. At The Feast - The Congos
06. Travelling - Debra Keese & The Black Five
07. Nyambie Dub - The Upsetters
08. Ethiopian Land - Peter & Paul Lewis
09. Landmark Dub - The Upsetters
10. Green Bay Incident - Lord Sassafrass
11. Green Bay Version - The Upsetters
12. Brother Noah - The Shadows
13. Noah Dub - The Upsetters
14. Thanks And Praise - Junior Ainsworth
15. Dub And Praise - The Upsetters
16. Mr. Money Man - Danny Hensworth
17. Money Man Dub - The Upsetters

An outstanding collection. Build The Ark, Arkology, and Open The Gate were the "holy trinity" of Black Ark anthologies for many years - I say "were" since Build The Ark and Open The Gate are both out of print now. These are some of the heaviest Black Ark productions, from Junior Murvin's hypnotizing "Cross Over" to Scratch's scolding "White Belly Rat" and Junior Ainsworth's melancholy "Thanks And Praise". Lighter moments include Eric Donaldson's soulful "Freedom Street" and the beautiful "Land Of Love" by the Sons Of Light. This collection was mastered from vinyl (Steve Barrow's collection in fact), so the sound quality isn't the greatest, but the strength of the music makes this a moot point. If you can find a copy, don't hesitate - Build The Ark is essential listening for any Lee Perry fan.

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