CD: Trojan CDTRL425

01. Words (Intro) - Lee Perry
02. Forward Up - The Stingers
03. Forward Version - The Upsetters
04. Nebuchadnezzer - The Upsetters
05. Peace - Chenley Duffus & The Soul Avengers
06. Peace Version - The Upsetters
07. Three Blind Mice - Leo Graham
08. Mice Skank - The Upsetters
09. Station Underground News - Lee Perry
10. Sunshine Showdown - Lee Perry
11. Sunshine Showdown Version - The Upsetters
12. Dr. Who - I Roy
13. Sunshine Rock - The Upsetters
14. Rasta Dub - Dennis Alcapone
15. Rasta Version - The Upsetters
16. Space Flight - I Roy & Lee Perry
17. Burning Wire - Jerry Lewis & Lee Perry
18. Militant Rock - Lee Perry
19. Silver Locks - The Upsetters
20. Words - Lee Perry
21. Little Flute Chant - The Upsetters
22. Hot Tip - Prince Django

Chapter 2 Of Words is all killer, no filler - an absolutely Upsetting collection (if you ignore the awful cover art). Featuring versions of such classic rhythms as "Words Of My Mouth" and "Curly Locks" as well as some of Scratch's wildest productions, Chapter 2 is out of sight. Motorycles sampled on "Forward Up", fire engines on "Sunshine Showdown Version", ravers by Dave Barker and I Roy as well as many other Upsetting touches will leave you reeling. However, there are also less manic songs like "Silver Locks" by The Upsetters (a very nice acoustic guitar version of "Curly Locks") to cool things down. This one is a must!

See also Words Of My Mouth and Chapter 3: Live As One.

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