CD: Trojan CDTRL440

01. Lock And Key - Junior Byles
02. Golden Locks - Lee Perry
03. Live As One - Junior Byles
04. Don't Give Up - Paul Freeman
05. Give Up Version - Upsetters
06. Sincerely - Chenley Duffus
07. Sincerely Version - Upsetters
08. Mumbling And Grumbling -Junior Byles
09. King Size Mumble - Upsetters
10. Finger Mash - Lee Perry & The Silvertones
11. Dub The Music - Lee Perry
12. Good Night My Love - Chenley Duffus
13. The Long Way - Junior Byles
14. All The Way - Upsetters
15. Freedom Fighter - Bunny & Ricky
16. Freedom Version- Upsetters
17. IPA Skank - Upsetters
18. Lady Lady - Joy White
19. Now Generation - Junior Byles
20. Babylon A Fall - King Burnett
21. Cripple Skank - Upsetters

The final release in Trojan's Words series is a solid collection of early roots tunes, featuring some obscure songs from the great Junior Byles as well as unknown artists such as Paul Freeman and Joy White. The inclusion of the Upsetters versions on most of the tracks is a nice touch as well. While certainly not as crucial as Words Of My Mouth or Chapter 2 Of Words, serious fans might want to seek this out for some rare tracks not available elsewhere. One final note: the very rare "Babylon A Fall" and "Cripple Skank" were mastered from a really terrible 7", so be prepared for the sound of bacon frying on the final two songs!

See also Words Of My Mouth and Chapter 2 Of Words.

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