Chicken ScratchChicken ScratchChicken Scratch

CD: Heartbeat CDHB53
CD: Heartbeat CDHB339
Produced by Coxsone Dodd

01. Please Don't Go
02. Chicken Scratch
03. Feel Like Jumping
04. Solid As A Rock
05. By Saint Peter
06. Tackoo
07. Roast Duck
08. Man To Man
09. Gruma
10. Jane Ann And The Pumpkin
11. Just Keep It Up
12. Puss In Bag

2008 Deluxe Edition:
01. Feel Like Jumping
02. Chicken Scratch
03. Please Don't Go
04. Solid as a Rock
05. By Saint Peter
06. Tackoo
07. Roast Duck
08. Hand to Hand
09. Gumma
10. Rape Bait (AKA Jane Ann and the Pumpkin)
11. Just Keep It Up
12. Open Up (Cook Book) (AKA Puss in Bag)
13. Mother In Law
14. Mad Head
15. Help The Weak
16. Cannot Wrong (And Get Right)
17. John Tom
18. Run Rudies Run
19. Welcome Aboard

Chicken Scratch gathers together some of Perry's first recordings for Coxsone Dodd at Studio One, and it's a great collection of ska stompers. Before he was The Upsetter, Lee Perry could swing! If you're only familiar with Scratch's reggae, then Chicken Scratch is a must. Look for the 2008 Deluxe Edition, which contains a more satisfying set of Perry ska gems including "Run Rudies Run", and "Help The Weak".

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