Clint EastwoodClint Eastwood

LP: Pama PSP1014

01. Return Of The Ugly - The Upsetters
02. For A Few Dollars More - The Upsetters
03. Prisoner Of Love - Dave Barker
04. Dry Acid - Count Sticky
05. Rightful Ruler - U Roy
06. Clint Eastwood - The Upsetters
07. Taste Of Killing - The Upsetters
08. Selassie - The Reggae Boys
09. What Is This (AKA Ba Ba) - The Reggae Boys
10. Ain't No Love - The Bleechers
11. My Mob - The Upsetters
12. I've Caught You - Count Sticky

Clint Eastwood was one of the first collections of Lee Perry productions to be released in England after tunes like "Return Of Django" garnered a cult following there. It's a nice collection of early scorchers, and must have been the soundtrack for a few house parties in the early 1970s. The album is simply credited to The Upsetters; the above track listing is annotated to show the actual artists.

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