Disc 1:
01. Try Me
02. It's Alright
03. No Sympathy
04. My Cup
05. Soul Almighty
06. Rebel's Hop (medley: Keep On Moving, Cloud Nine, Rebel's Hop)
07. Corner Stone
08. 400 Years
09. No Water
10. Reaction
11. My Sympathy (400 Years version)
12. Soul Rebel
13. Try Me
14. It's Alright (version)
15. No Sympathy (version)
16. My Cup (version)
17. Soul Almighty (version)
18. Rebel's Hop (version)
19. Corner Stone (version)
20. No Water (false start)
21. No Water (version)
22. Reaction (version)
23. Rebel Version (version)

Disc 2:
01. Keep On Moving
02. Put It On
03. Fussing And Fighting
04. Memphis
05. Riding High
06. Kaya
07. African Herbsman
08. Stand Alone
09. Brain Washing
10. Keep On Moving (version)
11. Don't Rock My Boat (version)
12. Put It On (version)
13. Fussing And Fighting (version)
14. Duppy Version (version)
15. Memphis (version)
16. Riding High (version)
17. Kaya (version)
18. African Herbsman (version)
19. Stand Alone (version)
20. Sun Is Shining (version)
21. Brain Washing (version)

Disc 3:
01. Kaya (alternate version)
02. Love Light
03. Second Hand
04. Jah Is Mighty
05. Run For Cover
06. Man To Man
07. Downpresser
08. Don't Rock My Boat
09. More Axe
10. Long Long Winter
11. All In One
12. Turn Me Loose (alternate version of Kaya)
13. Kaya (alternate version)
14. Battle Axe (version)
15. Long Long Winter (version)
16. Second Hand (version)
17. Downpresser (version)
18. Shocks Of Mighty (Soul Almighty version with Lee Perry)
19. Axe Man (Small Axe nyabinghi version)
20. Nicoteen (Man To Man version)

The magnificent Complete Wailers series, overseen by reggaeologists Jeremy Collingwood, Roger Steffens and Bruno Blum, is absolutely essential for any Bob Marley fan. Part 2 gathers together most of the material that The Wailers recorded with Lee Perry and presents it with beautiful sound and extensive sleeve notes. After years of inferior and patchy compilations, Complete Wailers was the first collection to present this material properly. Besides the well-known songs, this set also includes all of the versions and a bunch of alternate takes. This is the music that marked a turning point in not only the careers of Marley and Perry, but reggae itself. An essential set for Lee Perry and Bob Marley fans.

Unfortunately, a few crucial Perry produced Wailers songs such as "Mr. Brown" and "Duppy Conqueror" are missing from this set due to the fact that Island Records is stubbornly holding the rights to them for their 1991 Marley box set Songs Of Freedom.

See also Complete Wailers 1967-1972 Part 3.

An important note about the Lee Perry produced Wailers material

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