Disc 1:
01. All In One (Medley: Bend Down Low, Nice Time, One Love, Simmer Down, Love And Affection) *
02. All In One Part 2 (Medley: Love & Affection, Put it On) *
03. Keep On Skanking (featuring Lee Perry) *
04. Dreamland *
05. Love Light (alternate take) *
06. Brand New Second Hand (false start) *
07. Brand New Second Hand (alternate take) *
08. Shocks Of Mighty (alternate take) *
09. Keep On Moving *
10. Keep On Moving (featuring Wong Chu) *
11. Keep On Moving (Part 3) *
12. Concrete Jungle (original version) *
13. Screwface (alternate take)
14. Satisfy My Soul Babe
15. Send Me That Love
16. Comma Comma
17. Jungle Dub (version) *
18. Dracula (Mr. Brown version) *
19. Love Light (version)
20. Dreamland (version) *
21. Face Man (Screw Face version)
22. Satisfy My Soul Babe (version)

Disc 2:
01. Screwface (alternate take)
02. Redder Than Red
03. Lively Up Yourself
04. Trouble Dub
05. Dub Feeling
06. Satisfy My Soul Jah Jah
07. Kingston 12 Shuffle (featuring U Roy)
08. Pour Down The Sunshine
09. Gonna Get You
10. Cry To Me (acoustic version)
11. Reggae On Broadway
12. I'm Hurting Inside
13. Oh Lord Got To Get There
14. Dance Do The Reggae
15. Stay With Me
16. Guava Jelly (alternate)
17. Guava (version)
18. Red (version)
19. Live (version)
20. Samba (version)
21. Screwface (version)
22. Grooving Kingston 12 (version)
23. Choke (version)
24. Satisfy My Soul Jah Jah (version)

* = Produced by Lee Perry

After gathering together the well known Lee Perry produced Wailers tracks in Complete Wailers Part 2, Part 3 digs deeper for some nice surprises. Highlights include the fun yet defiant "Keep On Skanking", Bunny Wailer's beautiful "Dreamland", and the smouldering original version of "Concrete Jungle". Special mention goes to the extended "Disco Devil" mix of "Keep On Moving", featuring the raucous Wong Chu and an outer space dub track - presented here in three parts, seamlessly edited together as it was on the original 12" single. Not quite as essential as Part 2, but still a must for any serious fan.

The second CD in this set chronicles the work Bob and friends did right after they parted company with Scratch. Made up of mostly pop-oriented reggae tunes from the "Reggae On Broadway" sessions and tracks written during Bob's strange excursion to Sweden, it's a dramatic change of pace after the dread masterpieces they laid down with Scratch.

See also Complete Wailers 1967-1972 Part 2.

An important note about the Lee Perry produced Wailers material

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