CD: Heartbeat CDHB208

01. Da Da
02. Come Da Da
03. Fever
04. Lick The Pipe Peter (featuring Jah T)
05. A Place Called Africa
06. Africa Stand (featuring Dennis Alcapone)
07. Long Way
08. When Will Better Come
09. Informer Man
10. Curly Locks (original version)
11. Curly Locks (unreleased version)
12. Curly Locks (alternate version)
13. Fun And Games
14. Education Rock
15. Got The Tip
16. What Is This World Coming To
17. Demonstration
18. Cutting Razor (featuring The Versatiles)
19. Now Generation
20. The Thanks We Get
21. A Matter Of Time
22. Are You Leading Me On?

The music that Junior Byles and Lee Perry made together was a high point of both of their careers - and in reggae. Curly Locks gathers together many of those crucial tunes in a nicely packaged collection. Some highlights include the race track skank of "Got The Tip", the quiet menace of "Cutting Razor", the sublime "A Place Called Africa", and serious fans will be delighted that the famous "Curly Locks" is nicely complimented by two alternate versions. To really do justice to the Byles-Perry collaboration, you need 2 CDs worth of material - Trojan's excellent Beat Down Babylon collection is another must for Junior Byles fans.

See also Beat Down Babylon: The Upsetter Years.

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