Cutting RazorCutting Razor: Rare Cuts From The Black Ark

CD: Heartbeat 11661-7753-2

01. Cutting Razor - Junior Byles & The Versatiles
02. Staring - Time Unlimited
03. Let's Fall In Love - Junior Murvin
04. What A Sin - Lee Perry
05. Sufferer's Time - The Heptones
06. One Step Forward - Max Romeo
07. Righteous Judgement - The Upsetters
08. Black Candle - Leo Graham
09. Big Tongue Buster - Leo Graham
10. Come Along - The Bluebells
11. Yama Khy - U Roy & The Children
12. Land Of Love - Sons Of Light
13. Feelings - Sharon Isaacs
14. Mister Craven - Junior Murvin
15. Walk The Streets - Upsetters
16. 4 And 20 Dreadlocks - Evan Jones
17. Judgement - Time Unlimited

Cutting Razor is an excellent collection of rare and unreleased Lee Perry productions. "Rare cuts from the Black Ark" indeed: out of the 17 tracks, 12 are previously unreleased or alternate takes, making this collection a gold mine for serious fans. Also on the serious fan tip, the most interesting tracks on Cutting Razor are the two unreleased Junior Murvin songs, "Let's Fall In Love" and "Mister Craven", both taken from the unreleased second album Murvin recorded for Scratch in 1978. Other highlights include The Versatiles' charming yet menacing "Cutting Razor", Lee Perry's lament "What A Sin", and the uplifting "Walk The Streets" by an unknown vocal trio (credited to The Upsetters). Featuring detailed sleeve notes by David Katz and a wonderful painting of Scratch by artist Robert Steinhilber, Cutting Razor is a must.

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