Divine MadnessDivine Madness...Definitely

CD: Pressure Sounds PS32

Disc 1:
01. Woman And Money - DD Dennis
02. 10 Cent Skank - Upsetters
03. River To Cross- The Viceroys
04. Sweet Taste Of Memory - Milton Henry
05. Stand Up - Eric Donaldson
06. Dub Fa Yah Rights - Upsetters
07. So Many Ways - Reggie Antonie
08. So Many Skanks - Upsetters
09. Africa We Are Going Home - Time Unlimited
10. Africa Dub - Upsetters
11. Oh Me Oh My - Bree Daniels
12. Oh Me Oh Dub - Upsetters
13. Take Warning - Ralph Haughton & The Ebony Sisters
14. Warning Of Dub - Upsetters
15. Sons Of Negus - Jimmy Riley
16. Kingdom Of Dub - Upsetters
17. To Be A Lover In Dub - Augustus Pablo & The Upsetters

Disc 2:
26 minutes of interview clips with Lee Perry talking to Steve Barker and Roger Eagle on BBC Radio Lancashire (1984, 1986 & 1991).

Divine Madness is an outstanding collection of Black Ark music, ranging from bluesy skanks to shimmering love songs and spooky repatriation calls. Highlights include the bluesy reggae of Denzil Dennis' "Woman & Money", Eric Donaldson's amazing "Stand Up", the hypnotic "Oh Me Oh My" by Bree Daniels, and the sublime 10-minute long "To Be A Lover In Dub" by Augustus Pablo . The second disc contains 26 minutes of edited highlights from appearances Scratch did on Steve Barker's "On The Wire" on BBC Radio Lancashire. Although the second CD is definitely for Lee Perry trainspotters, to hear Scratch both calmly discussing his music and ranting mad scientist style is a real treat. Along with Pressure Sounds' other Scratch collections (Voodooism and Produced And Directed By The Upsetter), Divine Madness is highly recommended.

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